Modernize the way you hire.

Intuitive Dashboard & Simple Navigation

The Rapid Hire Solutions starts with an ultra modern user interface that reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to place orders. Request information manually, through invitation orders, packages, or individual products. Rapid Hire Solutions is meant to seamlessly mold to your company’s unique needs.

Package Options

Streamlined options to fit your needs

Sometimes, ordering a variety of bundled packages is exactly what you need. Other times, you require the highest level of customization. The Rapid Hire Solutions platform molds to fit your needs no matter how they change, and works to ensure you get the most accurate results and have the most streamlined experience.

Assign others on your team

Invite team members to your Rapid Hire Solutions account and assign different permission levels based on each persons role in your organization. For example, you may want some members to see information for their respective branch or department.

Applicant Input
Order Status

Guidance from industry experts

Lean on a platform with 30 years of industry expertise. You conduct background checks to protect your company and its workforce — we protect your company and proactively act to ensure you stay compliant. We provide guidance on the relevant federal laws and rules to follow, and our system ensures you stay in line.

Amazingly Fast Results

In a head-to-head comparison with over 1,000 employment screening vendors, Rapid Hire Solutions emerged with the fastest turnaround time. Swift onboarding of the right candidate enhances morale, boosts productivity, and guarantees timely completion of critical functions.

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