Compliance & Information Center
Using these forms and supporting info will help you run a legally compliant screening program. Of course, you should always consult experienced legal counsel to be fully compliant.

FCRA Certified technicians & consultants
To help ensure our clients run a legally compliant screening program, members of our team who interface with customers are required to earn their FCRA Certification from the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

Disclosure & Authorization Forms
When providing these forms to your candidate, you will need to start with the FCRA Summary of Rights followed by the FCRA Disclosure. Provide the FCRA Disclosure form as a stand-alone document, separate from any other forms.
If your candidate lives in California, you must provide a California Investigative Consumer Report Disclosure in addition to the FCRA Disclosure. This must also be a stand-alone document, separate from all other forms.

Driver History Forms for Canada

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